Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Things...

7 Things (this is what happens when your teenage daughter is a fan of Miley Cyrus!) that I wish I could do........

1. Shop till I drop at my favourite stores (minus the hubby and kids, for a change..hehehehe)

2. Watch American Idol - if Casey James promise to actually sing...
(can you please put down the guitar and sing! -he's a good looking dude, by the way (wink!)
3. Drink coffee, eat fast food (on the couch)!

4. Sleep for 8 hours straight (when did I last get 8 minutes of good sleep)?

5. Meet up with my girlfriends (yeah...with FB and all...a cuppa coffee at Starbucks are
actually more fun!)

6. Resign from my current workplace and do someting fun (plus the income) forever!

7. Hallucinating (like Ally McBeal used to do) and keep on dreaming....!

I can dream, can't I???