Monday, July 27, 2009

Bila Politeknik Johor Bahru kena kuarantin

Abih semua students balik semalam bila keluar surat rasmi mengatakan Politeknik Johor Bahru had been quarantined...70 plus students were suspected with H1N1.

Lagi best, my husband aka..the warden sent 6 students the night before to Hospital Sultan Ismail. He came back around 2 am and told me the hospital had screened the students and they were released. He dare not enter the Innova this morning knowing the virus could still be in the the car! Hehehe...(kelakar pulak)...

The next morning 2 buses of students were sent to the hospital! All have the symptoms of H1N1...

And what about me? We are staying in the hostel of Infotech 2 (the warden quarters laa)...Hmm. So far I am fine, Alhamdulillah. Only my son is having fever at the moment and we have to be wary. My company told me not to come to work today. Well, I am not having fun, though...quarantine is still a quarantine...we are supposed to stay put...Kinda of boring staying at home...but I do not want to be the culprit incase the flu spreads in MMHE. Tak pasal2 pulak famous for a bad reason...tak mao!

Well, I do not know until when this quarantine applies to me (one week for students and staff of Politeknik)...As for me, I'm fine..and if the company thinks it's ok for me to go to all means....I'll be back...very soon!

till then...chow chin chow...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My single-mum friend told me that she got a lot of attention from men since being single (duhh!! what's new??). She is young, good looking and has her own career.

But what disturb me a bit is, most of her admirers are married man! I mean...among them are married like over 20 years...Are they bored? Are they trying to 'spice up' their lives?Are they into some kind of a long term relationship or just having fun?

I told my friend not to give them hope or even a hint that she's interested in them. Men are men...they try and have got nothin' to lose...And as always, the victims is alway the woman! ...Correct me if I'm wrong...
So be careful, we may be weak physically...but inside - - we are stronger!

PS: (Aku doa laki aku tak la miang bila dah tua-tua...buruk betul kalau jantan miang bila dah tua...eee...)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I "hate" Megan Fox!!! That face, that body....I hope they're fake! Grrrr.....!!!
(Do you smell jealousy..???)

I'm out of brain seems to be blocked from...err...thinking, creating, wanting....I just want to lay back and enjoy whatever moment that is left to enjoy...before "the" hormone starts kickin' again!!!

Hello people!...Transformer is the "thing" at the moment....Book your tickets early next time!! (We got our tickets 3 days earlier...Are we smarter than these people, or what??? ha ..ha...ha!)


Can I have three of these...??