Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sesekali balik kampung...

Aduh…masih sakit-sakit badan ku ini. 7 jam traveling from Ipoh to JB by bus…no kidding, man! Especially when there’s a three year old on board! Overall, Haqimi behaved well on the bus. And of course, he had his moments…at one time he even sang his favourite song (the one by Bunkface)…Imagine bus full of sleepy people, and there’s a cute small voice singing on top of his lungs!...

But it’s all worth it. I’m glad that I could make it to my cousin’s wedding. The wedding is as lovely as the newly-wed and oh, yes…Congratulations to both of them. May your life fill with happiness 24/7.

I love this pic...heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

I also got the chance to meet up with a long lost friend from school, Zarina. My daughter Khaleeda was admiring her from head to toe. She is as lovely as ever and yes, we got to see the Louis Vuitton handbag that she carried ....Hmm…cantik nya....padanlah dengan harganya yg beribu-ribu…

Antara yang seronok bila balik Ipoh ni, got to hear people talking with Perak accent. Masa nak naik teksi dari bas stand to my mom’s, I asked the driver “Pergi Taman Meru berapa?”..He replied “Lima beleh (belas)”…I said to myself…"Dah lamaa tak dengar slang Perak”..hehe…

Then, there’s the akad nikah on Saturday nite and the reception at Carsem Hall the next day. I was so happy to see almost everyone I know at the wedding…My aunts, uncles and other relatives…Seronok!!!!

My children and my cousins

Hmm…ni yang maleh balik Ipoh ni..you know why? Bila balik sana, maleh giler nak balik JB..Help!!

At least dapat jugak mengubat hati yg luka di saat boss bagi rating…This one is a whole different story altogether (sigh!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

When my brother wrote an email.....

My brother forwarded an email that he wrote to the Star newspaper yesterday. He was commenting on the earlier email from a reader in KL.

Kelakar (It made me smile).. because I have never seen my brother angry and I have never heard him raised his voice to anyone. Where in the world that he gets his patience from?…(You tell me… I am sooooo opposite of him).

He wasn’t really angry with the reader’s opinion, just disagreeing with what was written. And of course I agree with my bro 100%!...…But then, I keep on imagining his face when he wrote that email!

Here's what he wrote:

I REFER to Hassan Talib's "http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/4/15/focus/3693054&sec=focus" target="_blank">Our Children need English-medium schools". He has jumped to the conclusion that the English medium is the only reason that his friend's son, who attended an international school, had the numerous characteristics that he proudly listed.

He should have also asked his friend about the international school's curriculum, syllabus, teaching staff, environment etc. Then ask him how much he paid the international school. Then compare all of that with those of a "sekolah kebangsaan", including the overworked and undertrained (for some) teachers.

I don't think English is the only reason. Let's compare apples to apples. English, though, is undeniably the universal language. It's important to master it, no doubt. But to go back to the good old days of the 1950s through the 1970s is to step backwards.

We already have a national language and should be proud to use it. It is part of who we are. The weakness of English in our present students should be addressed by focusing on improving the English lessons to the most effective methods for all students.

This is already the 21st century. I am sure this country has enough academicians and experts who can help the Government to achieve that. Just give them the opportunity to contribute and implement their ideas.

Lastly, Hassan also wrote that the "handicapped" students have to depend on the Government for work. It implies that those in the private sector are English proficient . Don't be too sure. After almost two decades of working in the private sector, I dare say the level of English among most of them is far from perfect. It is more Manglish than English.



Sunday, April 19, 2009


I wasn't feeling well since Wednesday...I went to the doctor and surprise, surprise..my blood pressure was really high. Since my regular cardio specialist was on a 2-week leave and I missed my appointment with him on the 7th of April...I don't have any medication in stock! (Yeah, as if I've been taking my BP pill regularly..duh!)...I'm not being stubborn, I just want to lower my blood pressure naturally...at least I'm trying to do it without drugs...I don't know how long I can do this but I've been taking my supplements and really watching my diet...I've got this feeling that I am going to be on BP med. for life (Gosh!)....Well, I have to take care of myself for the sake of my family..right ?

So, I decided to go for a spa treatment...a.k.a ''let me pamper myself once in a while'' eh? I've chosen the relaxation body treatment ...the hydrotherapy bath spa and of course the full body massage...(sounds good already, huh?)...

Hydrotherapy Spa Bath - I was soaked neck down in this bath tub full with warm water and 'powerful' bubbles. The girl put in some kind of therapy-oil...and I was almost asleep as the bubbles really relaxes my body...ahhh....It was only for 15 minutes and I felt a bit dizzy when I got out of the tub!(It's the side effects, they said!)

Then, the moment I've been waiting for...The full body massage - the tradional Indonesian massage. I was ushered to this dimmed lighted room, with a soothing "as-if-you're-in-Bali" kinda music...and I think the owner had done a great job on the decor! There I was being massaged for 1 hour by this nice, skinny girl...(where did she get all that energy from??). 1 hour really flies when I was having such a good time..haha!

When I reached home at around 7.30 pm, my daughter and my son were frying eggs..for dinner!! See, I wasn't around for only 2 hours and they 'missed' me already..:))

Can't wait to do this again!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Muffin ku..ahaks!

Vanilla Muffins with Lemon Flavour...

Akhirnya...dapat jugak buat muffin (kalau bubuh icing...jadi cupcakes)! Selama ni , oven kecik...tak muat bekas cupcakes! I made 24 nos. of them before noon...and they were all gone by evening....:))

Imagine the aroma...arrhhhhhh.........

Thursday, April 9, 2009

For Self-Satisfaction...Until......

Let’s see…one of the many soft spots in me..is for lipstick…I can just try the different colours and leave the counter without buying anything…so much for self-satisfaction but imagine the expression on the salesgirl’s face…I asked this and that and said “OK, thanks” and left…..(that's why I can never, ever sell anything...I'll throw tantrums if I were her!!!!)

Last week, I went to the Shiseido counter at Jusco Permas Jaya with my friends during lunch time and really love the new Perfect Rouge Lipstick. It’s really smooth and…since I was itching for something different from what I have, I chose a bright pink colour and actually bought one!

Then came the real nightmare (besides the eye popping price tag)…I tried it at home and realized that I’ve bought the wrong colour! It’s red! Really bright, striking red! What do I do now? (You know the feeling, right?)

Too lazy to go back and change, I decided to keep it. A friend of mine saved my life by giving me this very useful tip – wear it with a lighter colour lipstick! Luckily, I have this unused EL lipstick – it’s light, almost nude pink…And it worked…Phewwwwwwwwwwww!!

So, ladies next time you go shopping, make sure you take home the right size (for clothes) and colour (cosmetics)...Don't underestimate the frustration of bringing home the wrong ones because....you won't be able to get it out of your mind for the rest of the day...(believe me!)

My "Butterfly"

I've always wanted to get myself a new oven. The one I have now, is waiting "to retire"...

We were at this electrical shop the other day, and my eyes were set on this stainless steel oven. And the thing that caught me most was the brand - BUTTERFLY...I remember my late grandmother (whom I called "Mak") had this round, black, glass-top oven the same brand. It made me think of her and realized, I missed her a lot. The shop owner even showed me a similar oven sent for repair and it's already 34 years old!I think its the reputation that makes it a sought after oven brand, uptill today....

Although there are other brands with the same size and capacity (and also at a much cheaper price), but my heart was set on this one...I have to have it!

It's been quite sometime since I bought something ..and feels really good about it:)))...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

When Kimi sings Situasi by Bunkface

He likes to sing..And my husband blames me and AF 3 (Mawi's era)...although I am not a Mawi's fan but all the fuss about him, made me a fan of AF3 when I was pregnant with Kimi..hehehe
(eleh...my husband pun suka tengok AF3..siap bakar ikan/ayam smbil tgok AF3..ahaks)

Laksa Asam

I have been living in Johor since 1998 and one of the things I miss most about my hometown Ipoh is the food! Char Kway teow, laksa penang (chinese style), mee curry, mee soup...all cooked the Chinese style. There's one shop in Ipoh owned by a Chinese Muslim and everytime I go back, I will definitely go for its variety of noodles.

Laksa Asam is one of my favourites, so today I decided to cook laksa penang (chinese style). I'm not really sure what the recipe requires, but I used my intuition (hehe)....

I used a can of sardin instead of the fresh ones. Yes, pour everything into the pot including the sauce, add some blended big onions (the more the better)...chilli, crushed lemon grass, daun kesum, bunga kantan...and an inch of gallagar (lengkuas) - crushed. And I chopped some ripe pineapple and dumped it in the boiling gravy. The pineapple juice really gives the sweet taste! And don't forget mint leaves...The pineapple and mint leaves can also be added when serving...Add a bit of ikan bilis seasoning, salt and sugar to taste...

My husband's comment: Almost the same as the ones in Ipoh - adding ajinomoto would help!

Warning: The taste of canned sardin is quite strong. Some may not like it..

But as usual Khaleeda and my husband tambah dua kali! My sons don't really like laksa, anyway!

Ish, dah lama tak makan laksa asam penang nih....sedappp...yum..yumm..

And on Saturday went to Danga Bay night market...That place is quite interesting....Must check it out if you come to JB!