Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Already??'s been quite sometime since I last logged in...

With the opening of the school year, my children's school fees, books, other related to Back to School nesecessities to take care of...I didn't even realize that it's the end of year 2008 until yesterday!! Johor does not recognize 1st January as a public holiday, only my company let us enjoy the 1st day of new year under "Company Holiday"..So, today is the best time to go to the bank, post office etc.

With the economic downturn which is expected to hit Malaysia badly this year, I have to be ready for the outcome. My company has already started reducing overtime for staff and it's not surprising if there'll be staff retrenchment. I can be one of them. Just have to be ready. I read in the newspapers that many companies are laying off upto 3,000 workers this year...Some companies are already slowing down productions....

.... in Malaysia....

The first quarter of this year will be most affected. What a way to start the year, huh? recession ...

Luckily, I don't have many loans or debts to deal with. Only my Kembara is on monthly payment. I have already settled my credit card 'outstanding balance' last year and cut it off into two - and cut it out of my life! Haha...That was a great "achievement"!

So now, one of my new resolutions is ... saving more! More cash in hand can be a life saver! Believe me, to hang on for at least 3 months, jobless...these cash help - a lot!

So guys, start spending wisely (which also means that I have to detach myself from the Munawarrah bandwagon......for now....arghhhhh!!! sigh!) and save more. Someone told me not to apply for personal loans or any other kind of loans at the'll never know....

All the best to us and May Allah SWT guide us in these difficult times...Aminnn...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Song That Made Me Smile....

It's been a while since I listened to this song. I used to like it so much.

While waiting for the roti canai this morning,which took about 20 minutes ...the song was on air...and it made me smile, again....hehe....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting a bigger MPV

We are thinking of getting a bigger MPV. Believe me, we have to have a bigger MPV......

With 3 adults and 3 children (oh, by the way, Khaleeda is almost my height at 12 years old!)...we need to sell off the Avanza and get a bigger vehicle..!

Going back to Ipoh with 6 people plus 6 luggage.. and there are other unnecessary but "we'll-bring-it-along anyway" baggage can be a longggggggg journey.

Traveling 600 miles can be a dragging, body and ear- aching experience when my children starts to fight for bigger space...("tepi lah sikit!"..."sempit la, woi!")

But we have to live within our budget. Toyota Innova is the best choice.

Yeah, who wouldn't want a brand new Honda Odyssey or a brand new Toyota Estima? With three kids still in school and other more important necessities to think of, I don't mind the 2nd hand MPV as long as it serves the purpose...!

The interior

After surveying, calculating and "soul-searching" which is more like (betul ke nak tukar ni, betul nih??Why do we need a bigger car? Is it really necessary)...we found this 2005 Toyota Innova G Spec. at the last used car dealer we went to...(gosh! we spent the whole of Sat 20 Dec. car searching from one used car dealer to another...!..It was soooooo tiring!)

I think this is good enough..... for now...!

Living Alone??

Can I live alone?

Now that my older children are in Ipoh for the school holidays and it's the semester break for Polytechnic students (we live in a warden quarters of girls hostels)….it seems too quiet around the house. When they’re around they fight with each other, got into each other’s nerves and I sometimes have to use my highest vocal pitch to stop them!

My house - so quiet and empty

View from the balcony

It’s kinda weird and the house seems empty. Even Haqimi can’t stand the quietness…! He’ll just whine, whine and whine ….. He misses his siblings who are always picking on him…playing with him, kissing him, hugging him…

Empty rooms at Infotech 2 - Gone for the semester break!(View from our entrance door)

My mom has been living alone for years…(since I left for ITM). And now she told me she’s used to the loneliness and whenever we come back for the holidays, she’ll get nervous and tense to see children running around, the crying, the house wrecking…!

I sometimes wonder what if I’m left alone in my older days. Will I be okay like my mom or I’d choose to stay with my children…?My mom was restless on her 3rd day visiting us...(she's worried about her orchids, her plants, her unsettled utility bills, her doctor's appointment...these are classic examples of reasons to go back to her house - fast!).

Hmm...I guess we'll get use to anything if it's not a choice. Just live with it ...

Oh, well.. Whatever it is, I want to enjoy the moment when my children are still around (eventhough they can cause major headache sometimes!) and remind myself let the future be the future…there’s no point cracking your head thinking about it..!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How time flies...

I was browsing the Picture Folder in my computer and found two baby photos of my daughter Khaleeda and my youngest, Hakimi.

It’s just amazing to send them grow…physically, mentally…and can’t wait to see them as adults, Insyaallah…

Haqimi - Chubby 4 months baby

Haqimi - Cheeky at 2 yrs old

Khaleeda - 1 year old

Khaleeda 12 yrs old

I asked my children what they want to be when they grow up:

Haziq (15) – “Ntah”

Khaleeda (12) – “Cikgu atau pensyarah”

Hafizy (10) – “Chef”

Haqimi (2) he fluently replied “keje Poli”..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Gloomy Sunday

Sunday 14th Dec 2008

It rained from dawn till late afternoon. It was a gloomy yet cool day. Since my husband was attending a course in Politechnik Johor Bahru (just 5 mins. from our house!), I took Kimi to McD for lunch....

For dinner I prepared something 'different'...favourites of my husband and me!!

Gulai masam tempoyak ikan patin (others may call it differently), but I got the recipe from an opah in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. No onions involved. But the tempoyak (mmm...yummy) is the main ingredient! Just boiled everything (the blended red chilli, crused fresh tumeric or tumeric powder, the tempoyak and some crushed lemon grass). Add salt and sugar to taste....slurrrpppp...! It's like a spicy, hot soup eaten in a rainy day...what more can you ask for..!

Then, there's the peria kecil husband wanted to eat them raw, I just couldn't!! So, I made two versions - peria goreng bercili dengan telur....and the raw one...

Additional dish - Ikan bilis dan jering goreng bercili...(NSembilan dish...)!

That's it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Goodbye 2008

It’s been a good year for me both personal and career wise. My company did a salary revision for certain group of employees and I was one of them..Alhamdullilah..It helps a lot..With 4 children…3 of them are still in school (and not to mention the needs of teenagers!)…the extra income give me more spending power!!!

And after almost 2 years “bossless” (2 of my previous bosses resigned or left this company - not even a year of service)…I got a new boss in February 08. As expected, he is more soft spoken than I am ..haha! (this is what we call…balance…to create a “colourful” working environment, huh?)

If 2007 was a ‘tough’ year for me, 2008 has been an ‘easier’ one…I managed to learn more about my self, alert of other’s needs and realize that things happened for a reason. One thing I know for sure, your inner strength will emerge in time of needs…I don’t even know I had it until….(well, it’s in the past…so let it be)..

My children did fairly well at school. With only 4As in the UPSR, I think Khaleeda could have done better but I told her, she has a long way to go… …as long as we’re breathing we’ll keep on learning even through mistakes.

Khaleeda and good friend, Intan...

My eldest, Haziq, like any other teenagers, can be rebellious at times. But I’m grateful he’s still on track. Boys will be boys…enough said.

Haziq posing with kasut and baju raya hehe...

Hafizy, my 10 year old son will be in a better class next year. I think he realized how disappointing it is to be moved to a lower class and he worked hard to achieve better results. Sometimes, a person should be taught a lesson and learn it the hard way. No nagging, babbling or pressuring involved…just make them learn as time goes by.

Hafizy posing masa raya kat NSembilan!

My youngest, Haqimi is going to be 3 next Feb. He was already potty trained at the age of 2 1/2, he is also our Mr Singing Sensation! ('s hillarious to hear him sing Ayat-ayat Cinta esp the chorus!!!) And it's amazing to see him developing his own personality and he talks like a 4 year old!!! Alhamdulillah....

Kimi wearing sampin ..!

Well, only God knows what’s in store for us in year 2009 (Insyaallah) the meantime, I’ll just stretch myself, let my hair down and imagite about a luxurious holiday in the Carribean…to get myself ready for what’s ahead!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm backkkkk.....

Did everything that needed to be done in just 7 days!!

Wed 3rd Dec 2008

Went shopping in Maju Junction KL – about 2-hour …not enough..! Must come again….

Checked out Munawwarah imitations at JTAR – nothing beats the original and the satisfaction of wearing the originals…We are wearing the PRADA of all tudungs, remember???

Thur 4th Dec 2008

Already in Ipoh preparing for my son’s circumcision – doctor’s appointment, caterer confirmation etc etc..

Fri 5th Dec 2008 (morning)

At last, Hafizy is a big boy…He did not cry and stayed calm during the process..Proud of you!

waiting for his turn....

"I'll be fine...peace!!"

Fri 5th Dec 2008 (evening)

Kenduri doa kesyukuran at mom’s house after Asar prayer. Glad everything went really well…

Fri 6th Dec – 9th Dec 2008…

Just enjoying my days at mom’s and tending my son who suddenly needs all the attention!!

Made laksa penang and serunding ayam for AidilAdha…My mom was not well, therefore my husband and I did all the cooking!

We did it..a perfect serunding!!!

Sorry no picture of Laksa Penang!!

And today 10th Dec 2008…back in the office….half-heartedly…!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

At last...I'm taking my much needed 'break'!

hmmmm....I wish that's me!...

I will be on my annual leave starting tomorrow 3/12/08 till 9/12/08...I really need the long overdue 'break' from the office. I'm going home to Ipoh...celebrating the Aidil Adha and of course my son's circumcision on 6/12/08..then he'll spend the rest of the holidays with opah!

Well, to you guys...Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha. I will try to update my blog during my '
cuti-cuti Malaysia"..till then, adios!