Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to the 40s Club!

Two of my dear friends celebrated their 40th birthdays recently.

To Chek and Sue, Happy Birthday…Welcome to the 40s Club!
(Girls, remember when we were 18? Anyone who were in their 40s seemed “too old”!). And we are!!!!

When I celebrated my 40th birthday in May, I thought “Gosh! It’s the beginning of the end!”…The “downfall” of our youth, beauty, health etc etc…(Be ready for someone to call you “makcik”…Arrghhhhh…!!).

If you read articles on health…”woman above 40 must go for this and that check up”…”woman 40 and above is strongly recommend to do certain examination”…”to be used by woman 40 and above” (referring to a stronger dose beauty cream or moisturizer!!!). Now onwards, I will pay more attention to anti-aging cream at the beauty counter as opposed to acne-free skin care..(err...darn????!!!)

Yes, woman in her 40s must take extra care of herself…!

No one can ever stop aging...however, we can age graceful…(wink!). I try not to desperately look younger than my age (that can be overwhelming..haha!)…We should dress appropriately, watch our diet, put the right make up on and the most important thing is….the way you think, really does affect who you are…Think beautiful, you will look beautiful. Think healthy you will be healthy…Think positive! You will have the confidence in trying out new things in life….It’s actually the beginning of a new “era”!We just have to be ready for what 40s and above have to offer! It can be very interesting!

Allah SWT has given us this 'gift' , so just be grateful! Not everyone is lucky enough to live this long...

Lastly, your inner beauty! Jealousy, grudge, resentment and all those negative attitude will stress you out and this will age us more, really fast! (I’m reminding myself every minute of the day..( Be positive,she’s a b***h, so let her be! he’s a pain in the a**, let him be! smile, be positive, smile, be positive, smile…) (hehehe).

I have read these good books which I read over and over again to boost my confidence (which I’m actually lack of, lately). Learn how to think positive and get useful tips on how to stay healthy, beautiful and live life the fullest!

To all my friends who will be celebrating their 40th Birthday this year, or also for those already celebrated earlier, I wish them "Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS on your great achivements all these years!"

Wajik, My Favourite Malay Dessert!

I love wajik. A dear friend of mine from KL, Suzlynna is kind enough to share with me her mom’s wajik durian recipe.

She told me the first time she made wajik using this recipe and it turned out perfect!

1 gantang beras pulut (1 gantang is approximately 3 ½ kg)

3 kg gula pasir

1½ kg gula merah

RM8 santan

Durian (diambil isinya)

Daun pandan

No. of serving: A feast!

(So, if you are only making it for your family, reduce ½ the amount of ingredients)

Rendam beras pulut sehingga ia kembang. Selepas itu dikukus dan sejukkan.

Di dalam kuali didihkan santan dan durian beserta daun pandan. Setelah durian hancur masukkan gula pasir and gula melaka.

Kacau sehingga agak pekat. Masukkan pulut dan kacau lagi sehingga pekat.

Setelah sejuk bolehlah dipotong dan dihidangkan.

(Note: If you don’t like durian, just omit it from the recipe)

Let's give it a try!
And thanks, Suz!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cook it the NS way....

My mom is a great cook. She cooks almost everything. One of my favourites is the Rendang Ayam which she insists of making it herself especially during Hari Raya.

In my husband’s hometown, Negeri Sembilan, there is a version of Rendang Ayam which is completely different from my mom’s.

It’s basically ayam masak lemak cili padi cooked in thick coconut milk, lots of lemon grass (serai) and the chicken is preferably ayam kampong (village chicken? hehehehe..). .. Not forgetting the cili api, which is the must-have ingredient in almost all Negeri Sembilan's dishes!

The chicken is smoked (salai) first and then, cut into desired pieces. After that, just dump the chicken into the boiling gravy….One thing about masak lemak cili padi Negeri Sembilan is - there is NO onions involve (yup!...none)…The first time I heard about this, I was like .. “Haa? Tak letak bawang…?!”

But it’s simply delicious especially when my sister in law, who still uses her dapur kayu., prepares the dish whenever we visited her… specially made for us.

And after the long journey from Pasir Gudang, what more can we ask for!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simple Pizza Recipe

Okay, sometimes I have headache thinking about the menu for today! At work, while driving…(nak masak apa hari ni ek?)…even asked for my friend’s opinion!

I have a simple Pizza recipe to share. It can be ready in a few minutes and your kids will definitely love it.

Instead of going all the way to the supermarket to get the ready-made pizza crust OR trying to make the crust yourself (which can be a tedious job especially when you don’t have much time)….just buy Gardenia bread. Why Gardenia? Becoz of its thick texture, it can hold the toppings well!

Few slices of Gardenia bread (depend on your pizza


Tomato / Chilli Sauce (can also use pasta sauce if


Mozarella/Parmesan Cheese

Oregano or Spice Herbs (sold in small bottle…can

get it at Carrefour!)

Toppings – As your heart desire!

Step 1

Grease your pizza pan (preferably the square one) with butter/margarine. Preheat your oven at 150 deg. Celsius.

Step 2

Place each slice of bread on the pan (cover the pan with slices of bread, please!)

Step 3

Spread the sauce onto the bread. Add the oregano/spice herbs (yes…all over the bread)…then add the cheese. After that, you can add the toppings… (Remember, be creative!).

For toppings, I recommend green bell pepper (roundly sliced), fresh tomato (roundly sliced), some frankfurters (cut it small), onions (also roundly sliced) and button mushroom (cut into halves).

Lastly, add more cheese …LOTS OF ‘EM! I also add more of the oregano/spice herbs together with the cheese.

Step 4

Just shove it into the oven, and around 15 minutes or so (until the bread and toppings are slightly browned) can serve it with pride.. (I made this!)


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Congrats, PJB

My hubby is a lecturer in the Hospitality Department at Politeknik Johor Bahru @ Pasir Gudang, Johor.

I have to share these with you guys. Without any professional trainings, his students (trained by the most dedicated lecturer I have ever known) managed to compete with other colleges, both privates and government sponsored, and won one of the top three places! (One round of applause, pleaseeee…)

On August 2008, PJB became the 1st runner up at the Juara Antara Kolej which, was also aired on TV2, during the month of Ramadan (Saturdays and Sundays). The competition took place at FINAS, KL…and the juries were among local celebrities and chefs from 5 star hotels! (waaaahhh…could see my hubby on TV!)

Again, on October 21st 2008, PJB was the 2nd runner up at the Healthy Cooking Competition which was held at Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU). Competing among other private and government sponspored colleges, it is a great achievement!

As a product of UiTM, I am always proud of our local public institutions. We are not as ‘glamorous’ as other private colleges..however, we are competitive..!

Again to PJB esp to Ijam and friends…and Encik Mohd Amin…
Congratulations on your achievements.
All the hardwork, did pay off!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru

On my way to work this morning, I was listening to Klasik Nasional (feeling old already!..hehe) and the song “Selamat Pengantin Baru” by Allahyarham Saloma was on the air…

Wow, nostalgia, beb! It was played on my wedding day 16 years ago… (yup! It’s a must-play song in every Malay wedding in Malaysia since P Ramlee wrote it!)

16 years of marriage…seems like yesterday I was posing in front of the camera in my wedding “kebaya”…Ironically, last week we were watching my wedding video (with all the children!)..and they were laughing at my “shy-shy” smile on the “pelamin”..haha..They were like “mummy kurus!…abah nampak muda!…cantik nya gown putih tu..Is that opah? She looks very healthy!”…

I had a very simple wedding…yup..we don’t have that much money to have a grand one but everybody was there…my aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, colleagues…Watching the video made me wanna cry not only because I look much younger & slimmer (hehehe)…but my cousins who were my brides maid, are now already working and one will be getting married soon (wink!)

Well, after being married for 16 years…we’ve been through a lot.. “been there, done that!” But in my personal opinion…if we love each other …we will get thru anything…come what may…It’s the love that bond the relationship…no matter what…And of course pray a lot …ask for His guidance, forgiveness and help…..Till death do us part…Insyallah…

OK…I have some tips for those newly married couples or future husbands and wives…oh, yes…the married ones are encourage to chip in some ideas too….why not..?? It is a learning process…

  • My mom told me – Take care of your bedroom (well, it may have a deeper meaning…!) but basically, keep it neat and clean.. Go ahead…decorate…renovate or whatever.. make it look like a “bilik pengantin”..Keep it private.

  • Try to make time to cook for your husband. I know, I know it can be demanding…I work from 8 am till 5 pm …Rushes out of the house around 7 am..and only reaches home at almost 6 pm – every weekday ! However, I will make sure that dinner is on the table latest by 7.30 pm (errr…I can hear the azan..and I’m still frying the fish..!)..And don’t expect me to cook a feast.. just simple ikan masak sambal, sayur campur, ayam masak lemak cili padi and goreng ikan masin…will do…slurrrppp! Do you know how satisfying it is to see them enjoying my home cooked-meal?….Especially when somebody wants a second helping..!

  • A tip from Dato’ Dr Fadzilah Kamsah – Jangan lupa jadi isteri bila sudah jadi ibuWe woman are so busy being a mom (my baby burp how many times a day, the colour of the poop, teething, baby rash etc etc etc) we forgot that we have husbands to take care…Well, be careful…our husbands need the attention too…It’s a no-no to let someone else ‘take care’ of him…(ouch!)

  • ‘Melaram’ for your husband! Yeah..I wish I look like Angelina Jolie, too…but hey, come on! You are already beautiful..that is why he fell in love with you in the first place!!Just don’t forget to maintain your natural beauty even if we are at home…Use very light/nude colour lipstick…comb your hair, spray some perfume….Take a bath immediately after waking up in a morning…You’ll be surprised on how these little things can affect your marriage….(listen to grandma, now..hehe)…

  • Respect his parents, siblings and relatives as how you want him to respect yours. Show him that his family is your family too. This is very important. Later on, when we need advice…who knows him better other than his parents? Capture his parents heart …(this will be discussed in the next topic…huhu)…

  • Communicate with each other…a lot! Be his best friend..someone that he can talk to..about anything. Just be honest to each other…Talk to your partner…let it out… do not keep it inside… Don’t want to end up like a volcano…KABOOOMM!!!
  • Accept each other's weaknesses and flaws.
  • Solat jemaah together as often as possible.

Well, there a lot more other useful tips that will take me forever to write down. I’m not a professional motivator or counselor but all I can say is -- it’s not always bed of roses…they will be challenges and obstacles…There is no exact formula in a happy marriage…

It takes both the wife and husband to make the marriage works…Each of us will have our own responsibilities. Do it with full of love, full of commitment, honesty and as a Muslim, do remember everything we do is because of Allah….We’ll surely be rewarded.. if not here, in life thereafter…Amin…













To my friend Syed Idrus and Ime, Hafiza and Junaidi…Semoga Berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat. And to my cousin Farah and partner…(Bila ek?)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be strong...

This long letter is written by a broken-hearted woman who has been through an ugly divorce. Well, one might say….I’m listening to one side of a story.

But whatever the other story might be…As a woman, a wife and a mother…my heart goes out to her.... It's really sad to lose a husband this way...

Yes, go…. Get married, start a new life…leave the past behind…It’s over…Please stop hurting and grow up...for the sake of the children, at least..

As a Muslim, we believe in Allah SWT..The Almighty…The Most Merciful…What goes around, comes around…

I pray for you, girl…for a brighter future…for the happiness you and your children hope for…After what you’ve been through, you deserve the best!


Allah sentiasa menguji hambanya yg Dia sayang…dan Sabar adalah senjata mulia hadapi ujian..

Allah memuji orang yang sabar (surah Al-Imran, ayat 17 dan al-Baqarah, ayat 177) dan Allah kasih kepada orang yang sabar melalui firman-Nya dalam surah al-Baqarah ayat 146.

Wasalam..From someone who cares..

Dear All,

This email I wrote to express my disappointment and feelings as ex-wife of man who currently married to one of university staff before we divorced. I am not trying to be disrespectful, immorally disgrace anyone nor trying to gain any sympathy. I am woman of substance and I will stand strong in anyway to gain my children’s and my right. However, I was trying hard keep my ex-husband bad acts from everybody but things really getting unacceptable and I think most of you heard or maybe knew the story from many angle. But now, I wish to tell my version of story so you can evaluate yourselves.

I never claim I was a perfect wife on earth nor a perfect mother, but no one can say my ex-hubby was perfect either. He claimed not happy for the past 7 years married to me but Allah granted us 3 beautiful kids. I was Thankful on what I had but seemed that I didn’t really ‘meet his expectations’. He claimed he had asked me to ‘meet his expectations’ but actually he never did. He said he was not happy at all for the past 7 years, well Allah knows well.

He actually changed his attitude since he met a lady who worked as an English Teacher in one of the universities. Since then, he neglected his responsibilities to me and our 2 kids and the worse part, it started when my early 3rd pregnancy 3 months old. He even left our house in Feb 08 due to avoid more fights and he said that I used ‘blackmagic’. He also did mention that he would leave me because of the lady and of course my ‘unacceptable’ behaviour.

But actually, as his ex-wife I could sense that these happened was due to the 3rd person who has been poisoning him since the beginning and as well as his lust. He used to be a kind of father who could not be far away from his kids, always wanted to be with his family no matter what. When I first found out about the affair, he even called the woman over the phone in front of me every night until 2-3 pm without guilty and I WAS PREGNANT AND DEPRESSED at that time. He tortured me mentally that I myself wonder if he really didn’t want this child and wish that this child would never born. Starting from that moment, I promise that I would take of this baby inside even I have to exchange with my life.

However, he eventually talked nonsense, accused me adultery before marrying him. The sharp words that came out from his mouth when he told me & my parents that this 3rd child was not his ‘wish’ (like unwanted child). I was pregnant with his child, left with existing 2 kids in the house. I take care everything as a mom and as a father as he left us to be happily ‘single-in-love’ or shall I said ‘fall-into-love’. He hurt me with so many acts and words. I don’t know whether people understand that feeling especially when you are pregnant & fragile. My ex-husband even called me ‘pig’ during my pregnancy and what he didn’t realise that this ‘pig’ is the one who give birth and breastfeed his children and maybe am I giving birth to piglets?

I am a woman, any woman would try to keep their family from any 3rd person in their relationship and any woman would be furious and sad with ‘that 3rd person’ and they would say any bad words emotionally. Especially when your kids are still small that needs attention and love from both parents.

During my pregnancy he did not even once sent me for check up, not to mention other kids medical treatment. He claimed that he gave me some cash, but for everyone info, since Feb 08 until June 08, he only gave some cash which I think it could not even survive any expenses for my kids for one month (I could only mentioned, it’s only a few hundreds). Milk for the children, kindergarten fees, their clothes were on me too. Fortunately the kids regular medical treatment was on my employer’s bill.

I drove myself to Clinic with 2 children every month for check up until nearly due. Even the last 2 check up I have to seek for my mom to accompany me in case I was not fit, however, I still drove as my mom cannot drive.

The first day after my delivery, he has filed for divorce but he tried to be a ‘good’ father (after my relatives and I reminded him) and perform all the necessary things after birth. I was make known that his lady came down to meet him and they had a shopping spree in Singapore the 4th day my 3rd child born. This was the act of cruel human when he was away for almost 5 days not seeing his new born as well as his children, just to be with the lady. I paid for the medical charges where he didn’t even support a cent as well.

He forced me to sell off the house because he could not maintain, could not afford but I didn’t agree as I was waiting for the right moment. He kept on pushing me about selling the house until later he told the banks that he didn’t want to pay. Our current house was under both names, my ex-husband and me. Actually the house was saved a little bit of payment due to our EPF withdrawal. I did ask him if he wanted badly to leave us and sell the house, where should he ‘place’ me & the kids for shelter...his answer.......”that is not his problem”...and I didn’t believe that was an answer from highly educated man especially in Islam!!! He should know that shelter is his responsibilities especially for the kids.

During my confinement at my mom’s house, he did visit my new born only very few times and he visited my other children at school only a few minutes daily but sometimes not at all. After exactly my 45 days of confinement, he made me go to court just to divorce me however it was postponed.

Towards the end of my maternity leave, I was supposed to be back to my house, however, he changed the house keys and prevent me from entering the house and reason being, he could prohibited me from entering the house with no particular reason. I reported the police and 1 week later he still didn’t allow me to enter. So I made 2nd police report and I cut the key to enter to my house.

He was quite upset and I was scared with his behaviour. He broke one panel of the window glass and he tried to break the door grill. He even threaten to destroy everything in the house so no one can live there. That day also he hit me on my chest and kicked my hands so hard that I cried because I could not believe his ‘animal’ behavioural. The saddest thing was he hit in front of my 2 kids and his nephew. My kids were trauma for a few days. I lodged police report again and did medical check up. He told everyone that he was ‘self-defence’ from me. As pathetic as a man he was self-defending from un-armed woman.

On 9 Sept 08, during Ramadhan, he divorced me and actually I was quite relieved and I have file all my summons and claims towards him. That for my rights and the kids rights. But since last 3 months, he did not give a cent to me or the kids for nafkah even for Hari Raya celebration with reason, “it was just enough for him to survive”. Well actually, that money were for him to get married with that ‘so-called-professional teacher’ from one of the Islamic university and neglected the one that he has to prioritise first.

Allah knows how I struggled for the past 3 months to survive with my 3 kids financially and morally plus the house debt that he ignores whereas it was and still his responsibilities. Nevertheless, I have to seek the banks opinion and discretion. I pray hard if anyone could be that cruel and cold heart to do such things to me and my kids, I wish that Allah punished them accordingly. I also not ‘halal’kan even a cent that my kids nafkah & of course mine that he used to get married.

He said he will pay when he got money the truth was...all the money he spend to fulfil his lust and desire even he knows he was not financially stable to fulfil the existing ‘nafkah’ and newly married task. InsyaAllah, I still won’t redha all his and the new wife acts because they took what belongs to my kids and I and we have to suffer. I worked as senior executive in one of Petronas subsidiaries which for me just enough for me to survive with my kids but too tight to pay the house for myself. At this moment, I tried to juggle between 2 jobs to make my kids life better. Fortunately Allah gives us rezeki unconditionally because of this test. For my ex-husband, he was a good professional civil lawyer before but nowadays I guess most professionals are worst than those who were not highly educated.

He may be happy to be married with new wife who made him choose between ‘me & kids’ and her,. This new wife of him even quote me ‘ Pity you, who’s with me now?’ and my ex-husband is now trying hard to proof I had another affair with other man. How irony???

He accused my family for harassing him but why on earth he kept on contacting my family and relatives and as civilised people they accept him as human being.

Just imagine you guys, he even came to my relatives house and introduce his new wife just to hurt and embarrassed me and my family. But luckily my relatives are on my side.

But as for his family members and relatives, not even one person care to know about my delivery and the 3 kids’ well-being especially my 3rd new born. They hate them as if they hate me as a ‘pig’ I guessed and maybe they do not want to be courtesy. Before this, I always treat them well, but maybe he poisoned his mother and family as if I am the bad one.

Just think besides his acts, a good muslim woman who loves married man never asked a man to leave his kids, wife and worse part neglected his responsibilities on the family. She even make him left his wife, pregnant, not fit, didn’t spend a cent for her medical check up or treatment, left the kids who are still small and asked him to think about selling the house because she wants him to ‘throw’ the family. Maybe these was ‘the man with no heart ’ choice but a good woman will advise a good thing as she knows he can marry more than 1 but with 1st wife willingness(even not willing) provided he could afford. Thus, I wonder, why this new wife of my ex-husband is has been divorced twice before marrying him.

I think either my ex-husband or his new wife will have their side of story but as at now, this is my story and I have evidence.

I do not even care if my ex-husband wants to marry anyone or even 4 wives because none of my concern anymore. I believe Allah will grant better lives for me and the kids, even better man or dad for them...InsyaAllah. But what upset and disappoint me most, he neglects his duties, hurt and make my kids and I suffer because of another woman who were to him ‘better’ off than me.

I am sorry for my bad writing as I am not good in writing English as well as Bahasa Malaysia due to my education background in Science stream and I used to be facts and figure.

Regards: Ex-wife of substance 2008

Handling co-workers (the annoying ones....)!

I have worked with different companies, in different places with local and expatriate bosses. I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to work with these great human beings. Working with good people makes our job much easier and fun. Thank Allah for that…Since I can be super sensitive and darn(!) emotional at times, working with difficult people is the last thing I need!

Mr Chang Jae, Song, my Korean boss, thanks for the dinner at Ipoh Golf Club, years back. Nice meeting you, your wife and son. My family and I really enjoyed ourselves that night…

Robert and Paul, thank you for the Pure Poison by CD…hmm…

Jamie & Maurice…. Thanks for the emails till today…Really appreciate it…My son, Hafizy, still remembers you, Maurice (the RM30 “ice cream” money really has a big impact on him..hehe!)….Jamie, thanks for buying all of us lunch and also the Christmas gifts!

Lisa and Val (OSU ChildCare Center)….thanks for thinking of absorbing me as permanent staff plus the McD voucher !

The morning and evening staff at Fawcett Center, Ohio State Univ., OHIO…I didn’t wanna leave!

Last but not least, to all my colleagues at KUiTTHO, MMHE… projects, clients and corporate staff…I’ve worked directly with them all…thank you, thank you…

However, not everybody is as lucky as I am, I guess…

Here are some tips on how to handle difficult/annoying co-workers:

Dealing with annoying co-workers can be stressful and irritable but handling it easy will make you feel like a winner.

As long as your co-worker is not touching your body then handling their annoying behavior is not that hard. Ignore any gossips that you will hear from other worker and focus on your good performance with your job.

Do not let the annoying co-worker defeat your ego and emotion about the situation. What are the annoying behavior inside your work area? It can be anything that makes you uncomfortable. Like kissing with their lovers while you are watching them. Or making loud noises in your ears or throwing anything in your table. Not working their own assignments and keep talking thrash against you.

Whatever words that makes your heart beats faster of being angry that would be an annoying co-worker. Loud ringing with their cell phones or it can be just about anything. Adjust your temper if you have a bad temper with regards with these kind of behavior. Think of your job as the most important thing than focus with others who annoyed yourself all the times.


Ignore your annoying co-worker and focus with your job performance.


Do not let others makes you mad instead laugh at them.


Think of your job rather than people who make you mad.

Any gossips makes it as tips not hates.

Some people just like to critic others regardless of how nice you are to them.

Occasional idiots have always negative comments on yourself or to anything you do.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fever, Fever

My children were passing the “fever baton” to each other since end of last week. I took them to the clinic and all they needed was a good rest plus the not-so-good taste of antibiotic and fever medicines. I guess the virus or bacteria jumps from one body to another like an active kangaroo..(hmm… I can’t seem to think of any other comparison..haha!)

What causes fever among children?

Fever in Children Overview

Fever remains the most common concern for which parents bring their child to the emergency department. Fever has traditionally been defined as a rectal temperature over 100.4°F or 38.0°C. Temperatures measured at other sites are usually lower. The threshold for defining a fever does vary significantly between different individuals by as much as 1°F.

Fever itself is not life-threatening unless it is extremely and persistently high, such as greater than 107°F (41.6°C) when measured rectally. Fever may indicate the presence of a serious illness, but usually a fever is caused by common infections which are not serious. The part of the brain called the hypothalamus controls body temperature. The hypothalamus increases the body's temperature as a way to fight the infection. However, many conditions other than infections may cause a fever.

Causes of fever include the following:

  • bacterial infections,
  • viral infections,
  • medications,
  • illicit drugs, and
  • heat illnesses.

When to Seek Medical Care (aka..when to start panicking!!!)

You should call your child's doctor if any of the following are present with fever.

  • Your child is younger than 6 months of age since birth (regardless of prematurity).
  • You are unable to control the fever.
  • You suspect your child may become dehydrated from vomiting, diarrhea, or not drinking (sunken eyes, dry diapers, tented skin, unarousable, etc.).
  • You have been to your child's doctor, and your child is now getting worse or new symptoms have developed.

Although you may have done your best to care for your child, sometimes it is smart to take your child to the emergency department. Your child's doctor may meet you there, or your child may be evaluated and treated by the emergency doctor.

You should take your child to an emergency clinic when any of the following happen:

  • You have serious concerns and are unable to contact your child's doctor.
  • You suspect your child is dehydrated.
  • A seizure occurs.
  • Your child has a purple or red rash.
  • A change in consciousness occurs.
  • Your child's breathing is shallow, rapid, or difficult.
  • Your child is younger than 2 months of age.
  • Your child has a headache that will not go away.
  • Your child continues to vomit.
  • Your child has complex medical problems or takes prescription medications on a chronic basis (medications ordered for more than two weeks' duration).

From my personal experience:

Do not cover your children with heavy clothes, or blanket when the body temperature is very high. Less clothings or loose ones are advised (to release the heat). Give them a bath even in the middle of the night to reduce the body heat.

Give the older children 100 plus tonic drink, for energy booster.

Don’t ever let the temperature of your younger children goes up to 40 deg. Celcius …very dangerous, my uncle lost his hearings because of this! And that is the only ”minor” effects, yah!

A tips from a friend of mine..try taking a diluted vitamin C tablet (the ones sold over the counter..)...

Well, I am not a doctor..but at least I know what to do before taking them to the clinic and so far so good…hehe…any more tips to share?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raising My Kids..with worries

I can’t believe Haziq is already 15!

To me, he is still my first born baby….

I get worried a lot lately…

What if he does the unthinkable?

What if he mixes with the wrong crowd?

What if he messes his whole life with one bad decision?

What if he goes around on the motorbike and hurt himself in an accident?

What if..
What if…

I guess this is part of a typical mom’s life…being worried. We are worried about everything…!

The worry changes changes as my children’s age changes....

When they were babies, I worried if the babysitter would drop them accidently

When they entered kindergarten, I worried if somebody would snatch them in front of the school while waiting for the bus…!

When they were in elementary school I worried if they can’t read or write properly by the age of 9!

And now, Khaleeda is already ‘a big girl’ …at the age of 12 she is already into her teens with style..haha…she loves clothes, love Miley Cyrus, loves her MP3, MySpace and love being around girls much older than she is…She has grown up so fast right before my eyes…

(Note: There were tears in my eyes when I filled up her “Boarding School Application Form”…my baby is leaving meeee…sob!sob! And this is ONLY the application process! (what is wrong with me??)

And I have my other 2 “babies” that I wish would stay as my babies for as long as they could…I still call Hafizy “adik”…and my youngest son Haqimi is already talking like a 4 year old! (he’s
only 2)…

One day, they will be leaving me, get married and have their own then I will stop worrying..Oh, REALLY??

Well, it’s tough being mom…tougher being a good mom…but I love every minute of it…and won’t trade it for the world… (even if it comes with the “worry” truck!!!)…

All I have to do now is pray for their safety, good health and well-being...every minute of the day!

Appreciate Life

My husband just lost his female student today. She was involved in a road accident. She died young..just 21 yrs old. My husband was shocked. "I was talking to her yesterday. She didn't look like someone who's "going to die".
That were his words.

She was an active student with full of life. According to my husband, she was talking about being a lecturer one day. And she died with all her hopes and dreams.

Well, I guess that's life. Life is so fragile. We can never predict the future.

However, appreciate what we have now. Ourself, family, friends, spouse etc. Enjoy every moment, please try. If you have a heartache, learn to forgive...Don't hold any grudge, try to let go..

Remember, life is a treasure. Take really good care of it.

Allahyarham Yana, although I have never met her, will always be remembered by my husband, as a great student.

Al Fatihah.