Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My single-mum friend told me that she got a lot of attention from men since being single (duhh!! what's new??). She is young, good looking and has her own career.

But what disturb me a bit is, most of her admirers are married man! I mean...among them are married like over 20 years...Are they bored? Are they trying to 'spice up' their lives?Are they into some kind of a long term relationship or just having fun?

I told my friend not to give them hope or even a hint that she's interested in them. Men are men...they try and have got nothin' to lose...And as always, the victims is alway the woman! ...Correct me if I'm wrong...
So be careful, we may be weak physically...but inside - - we are stronger!

PS: (Aku doa laki aku tak la miang bila dah tua-tua...buruk betul kalau jantan miang bila dah tua...eee...)


M.K is Tun Mamat said...

erm.. hehe.. nothing to lose if already married.. hehe

KC said...

errmm..anyone I know? *wink*

Men! dasarnya.

Yup, they have nothing to lose . Betul, kalau dah tua buat perangai, kubur kata mai, rumah suruh pi, pagor pun dah ghoboh, luperkan jelah...bughok ghopanya. jaki nengoknyer!

Kak Z said...

mamat ..klu tak kawin pun korang lelaki nothing to lose maa...abih2 pun kena marah..hehe..

Hmm...Chek...just hope our hubby are not like these men ...ee..serammm....