Sunday, July 14, 2013


Salam...and Hi...

I'm sure all of us have been to an interview before..right? For whatever reason whether it's for a job, a scholarship or even being interviewed by our future inlaws (yikes!!)

My last interview was with my current company 8 years ago...and of course when I was younger and just  graduated as a Diploma holder in Executive Secretaryship I look forward to whenever there is a job interview, you know to get better pay etc..

One of my favourites is with this company in Dayabumi, KL... I was working with BP Oil at that time, and there was this guy who interviewed me and asked me to come back again for a second session with his boss... There they were about 4 of them in the room and I was supposed to get nervous but no... I was so confident and just answered to whatever questions they had for me.. I was like ..."bring it on, baby"..hahaha... Of course I passed the interview with flying colours but the pay they offered wasn't that attractive, so I declined.

And one more... I went for a job interview in a company which is a dealer for a luxury car here in Malaysia... I was supposed to work with the man who interviewed me..Again, the offer wasn't good enough for me to leave the company I was working with...I declined. To my surprise he came to my house and said he is willing to fork out some cash to meet my requirement (the pay, of course)...I was like "hello" .. I am not working with this guy...!! No Gila ke ape aku nak kerja dengan dia ni..Kalau aku kerja dengan dia entah ape la akan jadi pada akak dek non, oiii...Sorry naik lori la ... Ingat lagi housemate aku kata "Zara! ada org tua nak jumpa kau.." hahaha..

Masa interview nak masuk ITM lagi best, interviewer tu kata "Ni nak masuk ITM mesti nak cari boifren".. Aku jawab balik "Kalau nak cari boyfriend kat sini pun boleh"...terus dapat masuk ITM.  Amik kau...! hehehehehe

So moral of the story, kalau dah rezeki kita...memang kita punya... Just be yourself, walk in with self confidence, give it your best..and doa banyak2 pada Allah SWT...sebab rezeki sume datang dari Dia...bukan dari sesape pun...

Wasalam and goodnight!

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