Monday, May 4, 2009

To Kuala Lumpur...

Hmm...I went to KL on the 1st - 3rd May 2009. Again, attended a wedding (kali ni menghantar my cousin ke rumah sebelah pengantin lelaki)...Buat kat Dewan Kastam di Kelana Jaya. My cousin Farah was wearing the Aceh bride costume..hehe..cute je nampak...rasa nak cubit-cubit..wakakaka!

It's time to cut the wedding/groom's birthday cake...2-in-1!

Say cheese!!! happy lovey-dovey...hehe

Then, I got the chance to stroll around JTAR area....bought myself and my daughter a few kain ela for Raya. Luckily my sons and husband decided to go somewhere else as they are not really into textile shopping!

At Sogo, while waiting for him to pick us up..there I was being hypnotized by the Estee Lauder sales girl and end up with these............! (I hate myself for being so ...WEAK!!!!..Arghhhhhhhhh!!!)

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irryn said...

Hem..kak zara and estee..memang tak boleh di pisahkan...