Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When the going gets tough, the tough......

..........gets 3 days of Medical Leave and loads of vitamins!!!

Yes,I was given 3 days of rest...The doctor told me to relax. My Blood Pressure was high..But how could I relax when I have to think about almost everything. My children (you know what I mean if you read my previous post)...My job (not really pressuring, but sometimes I wonder what if I try doing something else)...I'm born with anxiety cells all over my body, I think!

Yesterday, one of the Politeknik's students had hysteria. Clinically saying, depression. Unfortunately it's not. Luckily there's one lecturer who is good at treating this kind of 'thing'. She was 'treated' almost 1 hour. I saw the video taken by my other half....Kesian dia...kena sihir. Subhanallah, if this kind of thing happens to your child, what would you do? You know what, I will 'solat hajat' and pray that whoever 'sent' the 'thing' to my child gets the punishment from Allah SWT! I was speechless when I saw the video. She was laughing, crying and screaming. Several other students were holding her hands, feet and body. She was uncontrollable. The lecturer recited verses from the holy Al-Quran and he had a hard time getting rid of that 'stuff"...Only seeing is believing. Some might not believe of 'makhlus halus' ..but I do..Because it's the devil itself. "Syaitan" boleh menjelma sebagai makhlus halus dan meresap ke badan manusia. At last after almost one hour, the "thing" was forced out of her body...And my husband said that the lecturer almost lost all his energy and vomitted!!! And the hysterical student was 'cured' but was sent home to be treated properly. In her case, the 'thing' was sent by somebody who has grudged on her. Only Allah SWT knows.

Pelik kenapa ada segelintir org Melayu, suka sangat guna ilmu hitam bila hendakkan sesuatu. Kalau dah bukan milik kita, then why bother. Sampai sanggup runtuhkan rumahtangga orang, sanggup melihat org lain derita asalkan hajat tercapai. Tak takut hukuman Allah ke? Tapi selalunya perkahwinan atau sesuatu yg didapatkan dengan menggunakan ilmu hitam, tidak akan berkat dan nescaya tidak akan kekal...Nauzubillah...Dijauhkan kita semua dari berfikiran singkat dan mengikut kehendak syaitan yg direjam...Aminn..

Oh, yes one more thing....I also know one tough, strong person is getting on with life positively.....I'm happy for you..and I hope that all your dreams will come true. Just don't forget to stay strong and positive (I always forget these...sigh!)...Things happen for a reason, and I think this is a reason (you know what I mean, whoever you are:)

Till then...

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