Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm backkkkk.....

Did everything that needed to be done in just 7 days!!

Wed 3rd Dec 2008

Went shopping in Maju Junction KL – about 2-hour …not enough..! Must come again….

Checked out Munawwarah imitations at JTAR – nothing beats the original and the satisfaction of wearing the originals…We are wearing the PRADA of all tudungs, remember???

Thur 4th Dec 2008

Already in Ipoh preparing for my son’s circumcision – doctor’s appointment, caterer confirmation etc etc..

Fri 5th Dec 2008 (morning)

At last, Hafizy is a big boy…He did not cry and stayed calm during the process..Proud of you!

waiting for his turn....

"I'll be fine...peace!!"

Fri 5th Dec 2008 (evening)

Kenduri doa kesyukuran at mom’s house after Asar prayer. Glad everything went really well…

Fri 6th Dec – 9th Dec 2008…

Just enjoying my days at mom’s and tending my son who suddenly needs all the attention!!

Made laksa penang and serunding ayam for AidilAdha…My mom was not well, therefore my husband and I did all the cooking!

We did it..a perfect serunding!!!

Sorry no picture of Laksa Penang!!

And today 10th Dec 2008…back in the office….half-heartedly…!!!

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KC said...

More pictures please........