Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Gloomy Sunday

Sunday 14th Dec 2008

It rained from dawn till late afternoon. It was a gloomy yet cool day. Since my husband was attending a course in Politechnik Johor Bahru (just 5 mins. from our house!), I took Kimi to McD for lunch....

For dinner I prepared something 'different'...favourites of my husband and me!!

Gulai masam tempoyak ikan patin (others may call it differently), but I got the recipe from an opah in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. No onions involved. But the tempoyak (mmm...yummy) is the main ingredient! Just boiled everything (the blended red chilli, crused fresh tumeric or tumeric powder, the tempoyak and some crushed lemon grass). Add salt and sugar to taste....slurrrpppp...! It's like a spicy, hot soup eaten in a rainy day...what more can you ask for..!

Then, there's the peria kecil husband wanted to eat them raw, I just couldn't!! So, I made two versions - peria goreng bercili dengan telur....and the raw one...

Additional dish - Ikan bilis dan jering goreng bercili...(NSembilan dish...)!

That's it!

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