Friday, December 12, 2008

Goodbye 2008

It’s been a good year for me both personal and career wise. My company did a salary revision for certain group of employees and I was one of them..Alhamdullilah..It helps a lot..With 4 children…3 of them are still in school (and not to mention the needs of teenagers!)…the extra income give me more spending power!!!

And after almost 2 years “bossless” (2 of my previous bosses resigned or left this company - not even a year of service)…I got a new boss in February 08. As expected, he is more soft spoken than I am ..haha! (this is what we call…balance…to create a “colourful” working environment, huh?)

If 2007 was a ‘tough’ year for me, 2008 has been an ‘easier’ one…I managed to learn more about my self, alert of other’s needs and realize that things happened for a reason. One thing I know for sure, your inner strength will emerge in time of needs…I don’t even know I had it until….(well, it’s in the past…so let it be)..

My children did fairly well at school. With only 4As in the UPSR, I think Khaleeda could have done better but I told her, she has a long way to go… …as long as we’re breathing we’ll keep on learning even through mistakes.

Khaleeda and good friend, Intan...

My eldest, Haziq, like any other teenagers, can be rebellious at times. But I’m grateful he’s still on track. Boys will be boys…enough said.

Haziq posing with kasut and baju raya hehe...

Hafizy, my 10 year old son will be in a better class next year. I think he realized how disappointing it is to be moved to a lower class and he worked hard to achieve better results. Sometimes, a person should be taught a lesson and learn it the hard way. No nagging, babbling or pressuring involved…just make them learn as time goes by.

Hafizy posing masa raya kat NSembilan!

My youngest, Haqimi is going to be 3 next Feb. He was already potty trained at the age of 2 1/2, he is also our Mr Singing Sensation! ('s hillarious to hear him sing Ayat-ayat Cinta esp the chorus!!!) And it's amazing to see him developing his own personality and he talks like a 4 year old!!! Alhamdulillah....

Kimi wearing sampin ..!

Well, only God knows what’s in store for us in year 2009 (Insyaallah) the meantime, I’ll just stretch myself, let my hair down and imagite about a luxurious holiday in the Carribean…to get myself ready for what’s ahead!

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