Monday, April 20, 2009

When my brother wrote an email.....

My brother forwarded an email that he wrote to the Star newspaper yesterday. He was commenting on the earlier email from a reader in KL.

Kelakar (It made me smile).. because I have never seen my brother angry and I have never heard him raised his voice to anyone. Where in the world that he gets his patience from?…(You tell me… I am sooooo opposite of him).

He wasn’t really angry with the reader’s opinion, just disagreeing with what was written. And of course I agree with my bro 100%!...…But then, I keep on imagining his face when he wrote that email!

Here's what he wrote:

I REFER to Hassan Talib's "" target="_blank">Our Children need English-medium schools". He has jumped to the conclusion that the English medium is the only reason that his friend's son, who attended an international school, had the numerous characteristics that he proudly listed.

He should have also asked his friend about the international school's curriculum, syllabus, teaching staff, environment etc. Then ask him how much he paid the international school. Then compare all of that with those of a "sekolah kebangsaan", including the overworked and undertrained (for some) teachers.

I don't think English is the only reason. Let's compare apples to apples. English, though, is undeniably the universal language. It's important to master it, no doubt. But to go back to the good old days of the 1950s through the 1970s is to step backwards.

We already have a national language and should be proud to use it. It is part of who we are. The weakness of English in our present students should be addressed by focusing on improving the English lessons to the most effective methods for all students.

This is already the 21st century. I am sure this country has enough academicians and experts who can help the Government to achieve that. Just give them the opportunity to contribute and implement their ideas.

Lastly, Hassan also wrote that the "handicapped" students have to depend on the Government for work. It implies that those in the private sector are English proficient . Don't be too sure. After almost two decades of working in the private sector, I dare say the level of English among most of them is far from perfect. It is more Manglish than English.



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