Sunday, April 19, 2009


I wasn't feeling well since Wednesday...I went to the doctor and surprise, blood pressure was really high. Since my regular cardio specialist was on a 2-week leave and I missed my appointment with him on the 7th of April...I don't have any medication in stock! (Yeah, as if I've been taking my BP pill regularly..duh!)...I'm not being stubborn, I just want to lower my blood pressure least I'm trying to do it without drugs...I don't know how long I can do this but I've been taking my supplements and really watching my diet...I've got this feeling that I am going to be on BP med. for life (Gosh!)....Well, I have to take care of myself for the sake of my family..right ?

So, I decided to go for a spa treatment...a.k.a ''let me pamper myself once in a while'' eh? I've chosen the relaxation body treatment ...the hydrotherapy bath spa and of course the full body massage...(sounds good already, huh?)...

Hydrotherapy Spa Bath - I was soaked neck down in this bath tub full with warm water and 'powerful' bubbles. The girl put in some kind of therapy-oil...and I was almost asleep as the bubbles really relaxes my body...ahhh....It was only for 15 minutes and I felt a bit dizzy when I got out of the tub!(It's the side effects, they said!)

Then, the moment I've been waiting for...The full body massage - the tradional Indonesian massage. I was ushered to this dimmed lighted room, with a soothing "as-if-you're-in-Bali" kinda music...and I think the owner had done a great job on the decor! There I was being massaged for 1 hour by this nice, skinny girl...(where did she get all that energy from??). 1 hour really flies when I was having such a good time..haha!

When I reached home at around 7.30 pm, my daughter and my son were frying eggs..for dinner!! See, I wasn't around for only 2 hours and they 'missed' me already..:))

Can't wait to do this again!!!!

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