Sunday, April 5, 2009

Laksa Asam

I have been living in Johor since 1998 and one of the things I miss most about my hometown Ipoh is the food! Char Kway teow, laksa penang (chinese style), mee curry, mee soup...all cooked the Chinese style. There's one shop in Ipoh owned by a Chinese Muslim and everytime I go back, I will definitely go for its variety of noodles.

Laksa Asam is one of my favourites, so today I decided to cook laksa penang (chinese style). I'm not really sure what the recipe requires, but I used my intuition (hehe)....

I used a can of sardin instead of the fresh ones. Yes, pour everything into the pot including the sauce, add some blended big onions (the more the better)...chilli, crushed lemon grass, daun kesum, bunga kantan...and an inch of gallagar (lengkuas) - crushed. And I chopped some ripe pineapple and dumped it in the boiling gravy. The pineapple juice really gives the sweet taste! And don't forget mint leaves...The pineapple and mint leaves can also be added when serving...Add a bit of ikan bilis seasoning, salt and sugar to taste...

My husband's comment: Almost the same as the ones in Ipoh - adding ajinomoto would help!

Warning: The taste of canned sardin is quite strong. Some may not like it..

But as usual Khaleeda and my husband tambah dua kali! My sons don't really like laksa, anyway!

Ish, dah lama tak makan laksa asam penang nih....sedappp...yum..yumm..

And on Saturday went to Danga Bay night market...That place is quite interesting....Must check it out if you come to JB!

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