Thursday, April 9, 2009

For Self-Satisfaction...Until......

Let’s see…one of the many soft spots in for lipstick…I can just try the different colours and leave the counter without buying anything…so much for self-satisfaction but imagine the expression on the salesgirl’s face…I asked this and that and said “OK, thanks” and left…..(that's why I can never, ever sell anything...I'll throw tantrums if I were her!!!!)

Last week, I went to the Shiseido counter at Jusco Permas Jaya with my friends during lunch time and really love the new Perfect Rouge Lipstick. It’s really smooth and…since I was itching for something different from what I have, I chose a bright pink colour and actually bought one!

Then came the real nightmare (besides the eye popping price tag)…I tried it at home and realized that I’ve bought the wrong colour! It’s red! Really bright, striking red! What do I do now? (You know the feeling, right?)

Too lazy to go back and change, I decided to keep it. A friend of mine saved my life by giving me this very useful tip – wear it with a lighter colour lipstick! Luckily, I have this unused EL lipstick – it’s light, almost nude pink…And it worked…Phewwwwwwwwwwww!!

So, ladies next time you go shopping, make sure you take home the right size (for clothes) and colour (cosmetics)...Don't underestimate the frustration of bringing home the wrong ones won't be able to get it out of your mind for the rest of the day...(believe me!)


KC said...

Phewwwwwwwww....heh heh. Glad that saved your day.

Anyways, I'm sure you came accross tips like "don't buy a lipstick of foundation or blusher under the yellow light. Make sure you try them using the natural light or lampu putih" kinda thing right? I always read that kinda tips in the newspapers/magazines.

Yang aku geram tu, perasan tak lampu lampi yang depa pasang kat shopping complexes especially kat kawasan jual beauty products tu semuanya pakai yellow lights! Habih,takkan kita nak bawak sample lipstick, foundation tu pi try kat bawah cahaya matahari kat luaq tu pulak kan? Like duhhhh! Apa lah depa ni ?? I mean those shopping complexes.

Hmm..I hope I made sense with what I wrote up there, heh.

Kak Z said...

Memangggg...tu pasal aku kekadang was2 nak beli..nampak lawo benor bila try..bila balik..tak le lawa mana pon! sabau jelah

Anyways, Chek ..thanks for the tips tau..hang banyakkkk tolong aku norr..hehe...