Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweet and Sour Fish

On every working days, I go out of the house latest by 7.15 am and only comes home earliest by 5.45 pm. I'm always in a hurry! The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to put the kettle on and then off to the bathroom. After solat, then it's time to prepare breakfast. It's as simple as french toast or nasi goreng. And if I have the time to make early preparation, so it's going to be nasi lemak for breakfast!

Then, comes the menu for dinner!! Goodness...it's hard enough thinking about it. I called my husband and asked "Nak makan apa?"...And sometimes he answered "Ntah"..Well, that doesn't help, dear! Well, I just have to use whatever is in the fridge and try to have dinner ready before Maghrib..! Phewwww...(the story of my life...sigh!)..

Like today, I just peeped into my fridge and found some vegetables that desperately needed to be cooked! Then there's one ikan siakap! Hmmm....The simplest dish I can think of is sweet and sour fish..

Recipe? Tak payahlah kot...it's everybody's "know-how"....just campak2 some onions-garlic-ginger-chilli, different types of sauce and don't forget some corriander leaves (I just love the taste and smell)...I also added some daun sup and fresh tomatoes! Hmm...kalau korang tak sempat nak buat (al-maklumlah, everybody is so busy and tak sempat) just enjoy the pic je lah, ek...ahaks!

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