Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Perak oh Perak

“Did you watch the News yesterday”, asked a colleague. “Nope”, I answered “always the same ol’ story”…

After reading the newspaper today, I feel a bit disappointed with the political “chaos’ in Perak…

I am not a politician. Neither am I good at talking about politics. From my understanding it started of as "lompat parti" then, the MB was ousted, but refused to leave…Gosh..when will this end..?

I really hope whatever it is going on over there, will end very soon.

And I really, really hope whoever’s going to head the Perak government will take these two major issues (that I know) into serious consideration:

The Airport – Do something about this. Where are the planes? Do you know how disappointing it is to get adverts from Air Asia on RM0.00 fare to everywhere in the country accept Ipoh? What’s the airport for? Come on, we need an airport with actual planes landing on its runway. Just like the good ol’ days..

The Economy – Perak used to be (gazillion years ago..hehe) the biggest tin (bijih timah) producer in the world. But now, I think there are few cement factories (I used to work with one of the largest)and…ermm…what else…oh,yes..few tourist spots..which I think even Perakian like me don’t even know they exist! Need to promote more…hello, can anyone do this for Perak???I can't think of anything else that is booming (economically) in Perak...

Please, concentrate on the major issues and stop making a big deal out of the minor ones!


Yours truly,

Ex Sek. Men. Convent, Ipoh student

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