Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vegetable Dalca

Not bad for a "first-timer"

When I got this recipe from my friend Sue of Paka, Terengganu, I was excited and tried it for dinner the very same day! After office, I dropped by the supermarket and grabbed two packets of frozen roti canai and some vegetables. As this recipe calls for fresh lamb bones, I substitute it with lamb slice (meant for making steaks). I reached home around 6 pm and started with my cooking adventure!

A perfect match!

True enough, the dalca was simply delicious and very easy to prepare. The only problem was my dal wasn’t tender enough as I was cooking it in a rush! It should be boiled for quiet sometime to get the right texture…Oh, well…next time round, I’ll make sure it will turned out better than this..hehe..

So, this recipe is especially dedicated to working moms who are always looking for simple, delicious recipe. As I always try to serve dinner before Maghrib, simple recipes such as this always save the day!

Happy cooking!


Dalca (cari yg kaler orange kecik tu sedap sikit and cepat empuk)

Bawang putih 3 ulas

Tulang kambing or kalu tak suka, ayam pun boleh (potong kecik2)

Tomato, kentang, terung, carrot (potong sederhana besar)

Santan or fresh milk

Serbuk kunyit satu sudu kecik

Serbuk cili 2 sudu or ikut suka nak pedas ke idak

Tumis darat

Bawang merah, cili kering, halia & daun kari


1. Masukkan dalca, tulang & isi sikit, bawang putih (seulas2, tak payah hiris) and serbuk kunyit, serbuk rempah kari daging, serbuk cili and rebus.

2. Dah empuk, masukkan kentang & carrot and teruskan merebus till half empuk.

3. Masukkan terung bulat tu (Yg dah dipotong enam) dah rebus lagi till empuk then masukkan tomato

4. Masukkan santan pekat (jgn pekat sgt, dah tambah air sikit) or fresh milk.

5. Garamkan, dah rasa sedap tutup api

Dlm kuali lain, tumis kan bawang merah yg dihiris, halia yg dihiris, cili kering yg dipotong 3 dan daun kari.

Dah kuning2, tuangkan dlm periuk dalca nnt.

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yum yum yum...super mom! :-)