Saturday, October 18, 2008

Appreciate Life

My husband just lost his female student today. She was involved in a road accident. She died young..just 21 yrs old. My husband was shocked. "I was talking to her yesterday. She didn't look like someone who's "going to die".
That were his words.

She was an active student with full of life. According to my husband, she was talking about being a lecturer one day. And she died with all her hopes and dreams.

Well, I guess that's life. Life is so fragile. We can never predict the future.

However, appreciate what we have now. Ourself, family, friends, spouse etc. Enjoy every moment, please try. If you have a heartache, learn to forgive...Don't hold any grudge, try to let go..

Remember, life is a treasure. Take really good care of it.

Allahyarham Yana, although I have never met her, will always be remembered by my husband, as a great student.

Al Fatihah.

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