Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cook it the NS way....

My mom is a great cook. She cooks almost everything. One of my favourites is the Rendang Ayam which she insists of making it herself especially during Hari Raya.

In my husband’s hometown, Negeri Sembilan, there is a version of Rendang Ayam which is completely different from my mom’s.

It’s basically ayam masak lemak cili padi cooked in thick coconut milk, lots of lemon grass (serai) and the chicken is preferably ayam kampong (village chicken? hehehehe..). .. Not forgetting the cili api, which is the must-have ingredient in almost all Negeri Sembilan's dishes!

The chicken is smoked (salai) first and then, cut into desired pieces. After that, just dump the chicken into the boiling gravy….One thing about masak lemak cili padi Negeri Sembilan is - there is NO onions involve (yup!...none)…The first time I heard about this, I was like .. “Haa? Tak letak bawang…?!”

But it’s simply delicious especially when my sister in law, who still uses her dapur kayu., prepares the dish whenever we visited her… specially made for us.

And after the long journey from Pasir Gudang, what more can we ask for!

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Suzlynna said...

Zara, my mom is from NS. It should be ayam pencen (dia punya flesh macam getah sekerap) not ayam kampung. Correct me if i'm wrong.