Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to the 40s Club!

Two of my dear friends celebrated their 40th birthdays recently.

To Chek and Sue, Happy Birthday…Welcome to the 40s Club!
(Girls, remember when we were 18? Anyone who were in their 40s seemed “too old”!). And we are!!!!

When I celebrated my 40th birthday in May, I thought “Gosh! It’s the beginning of the end!”…The “downfall” of our youth, beauty, health etc etc…(Be ready for someone to call you “makcik”…Arrghhhhh…!!).

If you read articles on health…”woman above 40 must go for this and that check up”…”woman 40 and above is strongly recommend to do certain examination”…”to be used by woman 40 and above” (referring to a stronger dose beauty cream or moisturizer!!!). Now onwards, I will pay more attention to anti-aging cream at the beauty counter as opposed to acne-free skin care..(err...darn????!!!)

Yes, woman in her 40s must take extra care of herself…!

No one can ever stop aging...however, we can age graceful…(wink!). I try not to desperately look younger than my age (that can be overwhelming..haha!)…We should dress appropriately, watch our diet, put the right make up on and the most important thing is….the way you think, really does affect who you are…Think beautiful, you will look beautiful. Think healthy you will be healthy…Think positive! You will have the confidence in trying out new things in life….It’s actually the beginning of a new “era”!We just have to be ready for what 40s and above have to offer! It can be very interesting!

Allah SWT has given us this 'gift' , so just be grateful! Not everyone is lucky enough to live this long...

Lastly, your inner beauty! Jealousy, grudge, resentment and all those negative attitude will stress you out and this will age us more, really fast! (I’m reminding myself every minute of the day..( Be positive,she’s a b***h, so let her be! he’s a pain in the a**, let him be! smile, be positive, smile, be positive, smile…) (hehehe).

I have read these good books which I read over and over again to boost my confidence (which I’m actually lack of, lately). Learn how to think positive and get useful tips on how to stay healthy, beautiful and live life the fullest!

To all my friends who will be celebrating their 40th Birthday this year, or also for those already celebrated earlier, I wish them "Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS on your great achivements all these years!"

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