Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raising My Kids..with worries

I can’t believe Haziq is already 15!

To me, he is still my first born baby….

I get worried a lot lately…

What if he does the unthinkable?

What if he mixes with the wrong crowd?

What if he messes his whole life with one bad decision?

What if he goes around on the motorbike and hurt himself in an accident?

What if..
What if…

I guess this is part of a typical mom’s life…being worried. We are worried about everything…!

The worry changes changes as my children’s age changes....

When they were babies, I worried if the babysitter would drop them accidently

When they entered kindergarten, I worried if somebody would snatch them in front of the school while waiting for the bus…!

When they were in elementary school I worried if they can’t read or write properly by the age of 9!

And now, Khaleeda is already ‘a big girl’ …at the age of 12 she is already into her teens with style..haha…she loves clothes, love Miley Cyrus, loves her MP3, MySpace and love being around girls much older than she is…She has grown up so fast right before my eyes…

(Note: There were tears in my eyes when I filled up her “Boarding School Application Form”…my baby is leaving meeee…sob!sob! And this is ONLY the application process! (what is wrong with me??)

And I have my other 2 “babies” that I wish would stay as my babies for as long as they could…I still call Hafizy “adik”…and my youngest son Haqimi is already talking like a 4 year old! (he’s
only 2)…

One day, they will be leaving me, get married and have their own then I will stop worrying..Oh, REALLY??

Well, it’s tough being mom…tougher being a good mom…but I love every minute of it…and won’t trade it for the world… (even if it comes with the “worry” truck!!!)…

All I have to do now is pray for their safety, good health and well-being...every minute of the day!

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Suzlynna said...

Well Zara, I agree with you 100% on this. As a mother of 4 (aged between 1 and 16) everything about my children worries me.

The moment they step out from house to school, I feel worry until I call them in the afternoon knowing that they have reached the house safely.

Well, my eldest son always say that I'm conservative and always compare me whith other parents whom he said are very supportive. I don't care what he wants to say about me because he will not understand a mother's (parents)feeling until he becomes one.

By the way, my eldest likes cooking & we plan to send him to UITM if he's qualified after he finishes his SPM next year.

Any tips how to encourge my kids to study smart and pass with flying colours?

Zara, keep on writing as I'll keep on reading when time permits.