Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simple Pizza Recipe

Okay, sometimes I have headache thinking about the menu for today! At work, while driving…(nak masak apa hari ni ek?)…even asked for my friend’s opinion!

I have a simple Pizza recipe to share. It can be ready in a few minutes and your kids will definitely love it.

Instead of going all the way to the supermarket to get the ready-made pizza crust OR trying to make the crust yourself (which can be a tedious job especially when you don’t have much time)….just buy Gardenia bread. Why Gardenia? Becoz of its thick texture, it can hold the toppings well!

Few slices of Gardenia bread (depend on your pizza


Tomato / Chilli Sauce (can also use pasta sauce if


Mozarella/Parmesan Cheese

Oregano or Spice Herbs (sold in small bottle…can

get it at Carrefour!)

Toppings – As your heart desire!

Step 1

Grease your pizza pan (preferably the square one) with butter/margarine. Preheat your oven at 150 deg. Celsius.

Step 2

Place each slice of bread on the pan (cover the pan with slices of bread, please!)

Step 3

Spread the sauce onto the bread. Add the oregano/spice herbs (yes…all over the bread)…then add the cheese. After that, you can add the toppings… (Remember, be creative!).

For toppings, I recommend green bell pepper (roundly sliced), fresh tomato (roundly sliced), some frankfurters (cut it small), onions (also roundly sliced) and button mushroom (cut into halves).

Lastly, add more cheese …LOTS OF ‘EM! I also add more of the oregano/spice herbs together with the cheese.

Step 4

Just shove it into the oven, and around 15 minutes or so (until the bread and toppings are slightly browned)..you can serve it with pride.. (I made this!)


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