Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Handling co-workers (the annoying ones....)!

I have worked with different companies, in different places with local and expatriate bosses. I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to work with these great human beings. Working with good people makes our job much easier and fun. Thank Allah for that…Since I can be super sensitive and darn(!) emotional at times, working with difficult people is the last thing I need!

Mr Chang Jae, Song, my Korean boss, thanks for the dinner at Ipoh Golf Club, years back. Nice meeting you, your wife and son. My family and I really enjoyed ourselves that night…

Robert and Paul, thank you for the Pure Poison by CD…hmm…

Jamie & Maurice…. Thanks for the emails till today…Really appreciate it…My son, Hafizy, still remembers you, Maurice (the RM30 “ice cream” money really has a big impact on him..hehe!)….Jamie, thanks for buying all of us lunch and also the Christmas gifts!

Lisa and Val (OSU ChildCare Center)….thanks for thinking of absorbing me as permanent staff plus the McD voucher !

The morning and evening staff at Fawcett Center, Ohio State Univ., OHIO…I didn’t wanna leave!

Last but not least, to all my colleagues at KUiTTHO, MMHE… projects, clients and corporate staff…I’ve worked directly with them all…thank you, thank you…

However, not everybody is as lucky as I am, I guess…

Here are some tips on how to handle difficult/annoying co-workers:

Dealing with annoying co-workers can be stressful and irritable but handling it easy will make you feel like a winner.

As long as your co-worker is not touching your body then handling their annoying behavior is not that hard. Ignore any gossips that you will hear from other worker and focus on your good performance with your job.

Do not let the annoying co-worker defeat your ego and emotion about the situation. What are the annoying behavior inside your work area? It can be anything that makes you uncomfortable. Like kissing with their lovers while you are watching them. Or making loud noises in your ears or throwing anything in your table. Not working their own assignments and keep talking thrash against you.

Whatever words that makes your heart beats faster of being angry that would be an annoying co-worker. Loud ringing with their cell phones or it can be just about anything. Adjust your temper if you have a bad temper with regards with these kind of behavior. Think of your job as the most important thing than focus with others who annoyed yourself all the times.


Ignore your annoying co-worker and focus with your job performance.


Do not let others makes you mad instead laugh at them.


Think of your job rather than people who make you mad.

Any gossips makes it as tips not hates.

Some people just like to critic others regardless of how nice you are to them.

Occasional idiots have always negative comments on yourself or to anything you do.

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