Friday, October 31, 2008

Wajik, My Favourite Malay Dessert!

I love wajik. A dear friend of mine from KL, Suzlynna is kind enough to share with me her mom’s wajik durian recipe.

She told me the first time she made wajik using this recipe and it turned out perfect!

1 gantang beras pulut (1 gantang is approximately 3 ½ kg)

3 kg gula pasir

1½ kg gula merah

RM8 santan

Durian (diambil isinya)

Daun pandan

No. of serving: A feast!

(So, if you are only making it for your family, reduce ½ the amount of ingredients)

Rendam beras pulut sehingga ia kembang. Selepas itu dikukus dan sejukkan.

Di dalam kuali didihkan santan dan durian beserta daun pandan. Setelah durian hancur masukkan gula pasir and gula melaka.

Kacau sehingga agak pekat. Masukkan pulut dan kacau lagi sehingga pekat.

Setelah sejuk bolehlah dipotong dan dihidangkan.

(Note: If you don’t like durian, just omit it from the recipe)

Let's give it a try!
And thanks, Suz!

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Suzlynna said...

You are most welcome Zara. Don't forget to try it yourself and let me know of the outcome ok!