Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do you trust me?

Trust – It is the most important element in any relationship. Let it be with your spouse, your children, parents, friends, colleagues or lovers.

I always remind my children. “Don’t ever betray my trust. Once I don’t trust you, life would be difficult”. I think I trust them 100%. That is ‘scary’, isn’t it?

To my husband, well I told him before…If he wants me to trust him, he has to really proved that he can be trusted....I don’t mind if he wants to talk to any other woman or receive phone calls from his female students... because I trust him. I have to trust him. He’s my husband. If I don’t have that one little trust on him, what kind of a marriage is this? If one day he betrays me, I think he will have a hard time trying to gain that trust. If I doubted him, don’t blame it 100% on me…

I want to be the kind of person that anyone can trust. I remind myself to keep someone’s secret as I want them to keep mine. If the secret leaks, don’t point your finger at me. Ask someone else. I have kept so many secrets and I am honored to keep it. I thank them for trusting me. I thank them for choosing me as the person they can talk to - about anything.

As for my marriage, I honor it as I honored my life!

Please … be truthful and honest. The truth may hurt, but the lies can kill…we may be alive, but the relationship is surely ‘dead’.

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