Friday, November 7, 2008

A Broken Heart

“Heartbreak is a very strange distress. It is exquisitely painful, and yet we cannot find an injury on our body. It is like one big emotional pain but it also seems to spark off hundreds of other emotions. We hate the feeling of heartbreak, and yet we find ourselves compelled to go over and over memories, ideas or fantasies which make the feeling worse.”

Almost everyone I know has experience a heart-break at least once in their lifetime, especially from a broken relationship... It is really hard to describe the heartache (I wish there is a drug somewhere that could be bought over-the-counter to heal heartache!).

I remember my first crush on a guy and when I found out he has a steady girlfriend, I cried! LOL! (And now I can laugh about it). At that time, I felt like I am not as ‘hot’ or not good enough for him or any other guy, so to speak…I was just 16, for crying out loud! Ever heard of the song “How am I supposed to live without you” ?– Well, don’t worry, we will keep on living…and we will have to keep on movin’…!

One fine day, you will look back and just smile or better still, laugh about it! It will mature you, it will make you stronger!

The heartbreaks, the way we feel when we first me Mr Right, the way our eyes sparkle when he said “I love you”…(ohhhhhhh…) and all these feelings, good or bad, are parts of our lives…we must experience it matter how many times or at least once!

There is no other way to heal…the healing process takes time….only time can heal…and you will be fine…Trust me!

In the meantime, may I suggest:

  1. Learn to love yourself

  1. Think more about his/her flaws

  1. Throw away things that could remind you of that person

  1. Get a new look (indulge yourself!)..It’s a motivation to go on.

  1. Go out and meet up with friends…have fun!

  1. Take one day at a time

  1. Surround yourself with family and friends, reach out to them

  1. Don’t rush into a new relationship

  1. Focus on your children (if you have any) or focus on other things that could make you happy

  1. Talk to someone that you can trust

  1. Keep telling yourself “I will survive, it’s his lost, not mine”.

  1. Cry..cry and just cry…get it out of your chest!

  1. Pray a lot..ask His guidance and Forgiveness


alina said...

Hmm ..broken heart with boyfrien who now became my husband...cry till die when he got sparepart during our engagement.The worst part i did....lari kejar dia yg tengah drive onthe way nak jumpa perempuan tu dekat chow kit?? People watching ...Hmmm..can u imagine?? But apa yg i lalui betul2 menyiksakan tapi...banyak pengajaran.Sayangilah Allah melebihi segala-galanya didunia ini...

Kak Z said...

Kesian you...

Tak paham lelaki ni..apa yg dia nak sebenarnya dlm idup...Ambik advantage of the 4 marriage quota ..tapi tak terpikir ttg tjawab!

Rasa nak cekik je Norman Hakim (bila tengok Abby nangis)