Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Read It!

My latest book collection that I bought from Reader’s Digest. I intend to read it however, time never permits!

My husband, who is currently working on lots of presentation papers, will definitely appreciate this book.

Wow! Anyone who’d like to improve on writings and speech should own it.
The book illustrates on grammar, sentence structures, vocabulary and everything you should know in detail!

Hmm..if the author reads my writings, I’m sure he’ll rolled over, and over again on the floor…of frustration!!! Haha…(okay, well…I have to start reading!…)


KC said...

hey! waddaya know..! I have the same book!! Got it like 4 years ago, but still haven't finished reading! LOL!

Kak Z said...

I am so "ketinggalan zaman"!!!

Suzlynna said...

I got one too! But only read the ist few pages.

Kak Z said...

eh, how come Reader's Digest send me the brochure to order this book ah? Maybe new edition ke?

Tak smpt nak mentelaah lagi nih!!