Sunday, November 16, 2008

A "Rare" Weekend

My husband has been very busy with studies, work and all. For the past two weeks he's been busy with presentation papers for UTM(his PhD thesis) and also to be presented at a Seminar in Kuantan. So, he came home 11 pm most nights and didn't get much rest.

So, after all those hard, tiring and mind-draining days ..we decided to have a full weekend just to ourselves – with him around!!!

On Saturday, Haqimi mentioned these three words on Saturday after suboh prayer (he wakes up early everyday!)..”Bah, swimming pool!” And all of us started packing!

We have been members of Hotel Selesa, Pasir Gudang since May 08. So, we take advantage of the sauna, the gym and of course, the swimming pool!!!

7.15 am

Reached Hotel Selesa – Children jumped into the pool. Hubby went into the gym and managed to run 2.5 km on the treadmill. I was in the sauna in the ½ hour and sweating (err..long time no sweat!) Then, it was my turn in the gym and walked/jogged on the treadmill for 1.5 km (yeayyyy)…By this time, my husband was already in the pool with the kids!

10.15 am

Ready to leave Hotel Selesa and head for brunch at a near by restaurant…yummy!

10.45 am

Already at Toyota Johor Jaya to see the launching of the new version of Avanza (err…I didn’t notice any difference accept the colour!)..It’s a man’s thing…! Then we tried the new Toyota! Eat more at the launcing – satay, kuih, drinks, fruits etc.

11.30 am

At a used car just to check it out – of the old version of Innova. Not bad…

12.00 pm

At the SONY shop in Taman Molek. To pick up the video cam that was sent for repair.

12.30 pm

At another Toyota (Plentong) for the launching. Since there are more drinks and games for the children, we stayed longer.

1.15 pm

At another used car in Masai…(My husband just love browsing!)

3.15 pm Sent Khaleeda to Yamaha Music

4.15 pm Picked her up and off to Tesco to shop for sundries.

7.00 pm Reached home – tired but happy!hehehe

SUNDAY - Stayed at home all day

Prepared breakfast - Mee Hoon Goreng

Lunch - Beef Stew, Butter Rice and Mixed Veggies

Baked a Chocolate cake with whipped cream topping (gone in just few minutes!)

Dinner - Add-on Dish - Lala Goreng Bercili

And ... I have to drag myself to work today!


KC said... sounded like some super duper mommy and wife over the weekend. Glad you've had a good time with the kids and A. A weekend well spent and tentu puas hati kan?
Yup, me too had to drag myself to work this morning. And tomorrow even more when Mr. Shorty is back to work!! Urggghhh!

Kak Z said...

I am not super mom..almost je..wakaka..and it's not easy...until today sakit2 badan tak abih!!

kalau hubby and anak2 tak appreciate jugak..tak tau laaaaaaaaaaaaaa...