Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A True Friend?

I don’t have many friends. Well, I don’t think I need many friends; all I need is a true friend.

Do you really know who your true friend is? To me a true friend :

  1. Goes all out to help you in any way they can.

  2. Is on your side no matter what!
  3. Keeps your secret, and keeps it really well!

  4. Symphatised with you and congratulate you, sincerely.

  5. Is never jealous of your achievements. Envy, yes…but not jealousy.

  6. From every now and then, will ask “how are you” or “why are so quiet lately”?

  7. Shares with you their good and bad news (this means that you are special to them!)

  8. Never judge you in just one passing incident!

  9. Knows you well even though you act like a #($*#*&*!!, sometimes!

  10. “What you see is what you get”…now, that’s a true friend…!

Did I miss anything else??

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