Friday, November 28, 2008

Mind your thoughts!!

I have read many articles about mind power. In one article from the NST on Thoughts Heal You, Kill You most cancer patients would have had traumatic experiences, six to 18 months before the onset. When your mind doesn’t want to be better, your body releases enzymes that make that thought a reality. It also says that when you adopt a positive attitude you find that everything is possible. Whatever you put in your mind and believe it is going to happen will happen!!

In my case, negative thoughts come first in every situation. Maybe I was born with it. The effect of negative thinking really stresses you out and this may cause illness. That is so true. I have experienced this. My body started to weaken. I had no strength or mood, so to speak, to go on just for that day. All I wanted to do was to lie in bed, and just dwell on whatever it was in my mind…I really hated being in that situation but it’s not easy to control our mind as it’s not easy to forget the traumatic experience. I talked to friends and even opt for online counseling. And of course as a Muslim, I turned to Allah SWT…I really did. I think one of the positive things that came out of it is, I performed the solat hajat, tahajud more often. Gradually, I gain back my “strength”. And I realized that I’m not strong as I thought I was. I’m just human with flaws and weaknesses. However, through that experience, I became more sensitive and wary. All these while I was so confident that it will never happen to me. Well, I was wrong.

So, I’m learning to stay positive and think positive things. Every negative thought that comes across my mind, I just push it away. I replace it with happy thoughts. It can be overwhelming sometimes as I’ve been mostly negative all my life…Hey, good things happen from one bad experience…I can live with that, can’t I? (see, now I’m beginning to think positive!)

Think Positive, Dear...Think Positive....

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Suzlynna said...

You are absolutely right. I always remind myself of this quotes "THINK HEALTHY, HAPPY THOUGHTS!. I got it from a book called "BEING HAPPY" which was given by a friend of mine when I first experienced depression few years back.