Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get Your Act Right!!!!!

Some adults can act worst than children. In some cases, well-educated people with good religious background can even do things that are unexpected.

I have ‘seen’ emails, chats from so-called ‘educated’ people….which I can say….unbelievably embarrassing! I said to myself “And these are the people who are supposed to be the role model to our children. These are the human beings sent by the government overseas or local universities, to be educated and give back to the community”…

NOT ALL are acting this way, only a few are tarnishing their own reputations.

Yes, I agree …they are just human. However, these people should think far better than most of us. They should live up to their standards. We look up to lecturers, for instance. And when they write such mails, emails or chats, they are putting themselves at par with the immoral group of people.

Why am I babbling? Just to make a note: I don’t care how highly educated a person is, how well she/he can speak English or Arabic OR how religious she thinks she is …..…but if this person puts herself in a disgraceful manner and feels no remorse about it whatsoever, SHE is nothing to me!!!

I have accidently read cybersex chat IMs, also witnessed infidelity, met selfish-un-afraid of Allah’s punishment (nauzubillah) human beings...well, these so-called highly educated people are actually just adding numbers to the population! Nothing else....

Am I expecting too much from them? Of course, I am! Not everyone is lucky enough to be highly educated and highly talented! So, better get your act right!

So, I’m grateful of being me! An ordinary girl next door who at least has her dignity…and proud of it! (Alhamdulillah and May Allah guide me and my love ones through this journey of life..Aminnnn)


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