Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Next?

So, I asked my daughter whether she would like to stay home and continue her studies at the nearby school or want us to push ourselves to the Education Dept and try to enroll her in a boarding school (which will not be an easy task with her results!) Although I’m reluctant to send her away, but for the sake of her future…I am willing to let go. There are not many good schools around Pasir Gudang area (hmmm....I don’t know any good school in Pasir Gudang!!)…

Tak naklah, nanti tak de siapa nak tolong mummy”..(yeah, right!). But, I have to admit that she helps a lot around the house especially tending to my youngest son, Haqimi, 2. I think her real reason is not about missing the helping part, it’s more about being away from her family. (AND also don't wanna miss her fav. tv shows on Disney..Hannah Montana!!!!).

She missed Haqimi when she attended a one-night stay motivational program 2 months ago! And Haqimi cried his eyes out when he asked “kakak mana?” and she was no where to be found!

Well, I guess she will be staying with us and we'll have to keep an eye on her until she is ready to go out of her little nest and explore life as any adult should. Frankly speaking, I'm not ready to let my baby go, either!!!

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