Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life’s Treasure….Materially!

I don’t have many expensive things in my cabinet. But there are few items that I really treasure (and it comes with a price tag!)

With my paycheck…I cannot afford many branded items. Luckily, I am not so brand-conscious…I can wear BATA shoes, I can carry around cheap handbags. I wear perfume but would never spend a lot on it…and…the most expensive perfumes I received was from my hubby and from my ex-boss. Both are from Christian Dior.

The most expensive watch I have is Guess – also a gift from my colleagues. (I seldom wear watch, though!)

However I will look for branded cosmetics (since I have sensitive skin) and my tudungs now are from Sri Munawwarah (thanks to my friends, Chek and Sue!!).

I am not bragging or showing-off but just to share some things that I really treasure!

Estee Lauder cosmetics –

Individualist Natural Finish Powder Makeup

Pencil Eye Liner - Black

Lipstick with brush

Wish list: The whole range of make up from EL…(Well, I can dream, can’t I??)

Guess watch

It looks almost like this…(a gift from my colleagues from Talisman Energy)

Pure Poison

I asked the sales girl “How much is this?” She replied “RM333”….errr…I am not spending that much on a perfume!!!Thanks a lot, Paul & Robert (my ex-boss from Talisman Energy!)

And…Tudung Munawwarah…

My Munawwarah collections as of November 2008....

Pictured above are Ina Ali (the owner) and her children in the Maisara collection which I really, really like!!!!

Well, I can pamper and indulge myself, can't I? (wink!)


KC said...

oh wow, i didn't realize you've accumulated your SM that fast! ha ha....clap, clap, clap...

the only sad thing is that, SM's been ripped off by all these cetak rompak! hate them!

Kak Z said...

Never mind them, Chek...!

We will keep on wearing and supporting SM..yeayyyy!!!

Suzlynna said...

Where can I get the SM's tudung in KL. Provide me with details pls...

KC said...

the originals would only be accessible from its shop in TTDI.

la ni dah berlambak yang tiruan; kat Jalan TAR and also at Ariani kat jalan TAR jugak.

Suzlynna said...

mmmm...TTDI jauh nye...jln TAR pun I jarang pergi...tak apa...will make a trip there one of these days..thanks cheq...